CMT Rebrand

Two coworkers and I teamed up and made a pitch to design CMT's 2010 channel rebrand. After weeks of research and designing boards, we were awarded the project. The promo elements we designed and produced became the inspiration for the look of every other channel element.

Here's the description I wrote to accompany the winning direction, titled "Full Circle":

This is not a revolution, but an evolution. This fresh new look brings CMT full circle, being a 100% collaborative effort by the in-house CMT creative team, incorporating and updating many elements that helped establish the look of country music, the country lifestyle and CMT itself. Since music is at the core of everything we do, this package hints at classic country music show posters with bold, clean typography and a simple, uncluttered design aesthetic to create visual hierarchy, but with a unique, modern look. Elements of the hand-made, such as paper textures and real-world shadows, help create a refined, authentic feel while keeping the focus on the CMT brand and shows through use of unconventional, unexpected layouts showcasing promo information. The CMT tab is the impetus for all the animation, as it is the final result of the open, the starting point for the close and both the beginning and ending points for all transitions, remaining on screen throughout the promo as a constant reminder that you are watching CMT. This look is consistent, yet versatile, adapting and updating simply by changing colors and textures, able to last or evolve for may years to come if need be. In addition, it will smoothly expand to print, online, and the rest of the channel branding, clearly establishing the next evolution of CMT.

CMT Rebrand 2010 Promo Reel


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