2009 CMT Music Awards
For the first time in its history, CMT's Highest-profile event was brought in-house and I was really excited to be part of the three-person team designing and producing the promo toolkit and the graphics package for the show.
Show Graphics
In creating the open, the biggest challenge was the ever-changing laundry list of celebrity performers and presenters. I had to come up with a way to be able to make last-minute changes and get it rendered super fast. The list of performers was locked early on, allowing me to do some custom animation for those. Developing a set of templates for the presenters allowed me to drop in a picture and have the animation already done and ready to render. This new clip was dropped into Final Cut and the whole thing could be updated in less than 5 minutes. The open was awarded the 2010 Creativity Platinum Award (their highest honor) in the Show Openings IDs & Titles category (unfortunately, Creativity’s website no longer displays the winners before 2012).
Promo Graphics
I also designed and animated graphic elements upon which a lot of the promo toolkit was based, specifically opens and closes. This five-month project culminated in what was (at the time*) called the "best-looking CMT Music Awards ever." 
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