Islam 2015 Show Open
In early 2015, CNN began work on what was to be a rather ambitious, ongoing documentary news production. Unfortunately, due to the ever-evolving conflict in and around Syria and Iraq the project was shelved. The following is an excerpt from the show's brief:
Islam 2015: A Religion at a Crossroads
With over 1.5 billion followers, Islam is the world’s second largest religion and it is facing an unprecedented identity crisis. How the future of Islam is shaped right now has extraordinary implications, not just for Muslims, but the entire world. Throughout 2015 we will tell the story of the rival ideologies competing for the future of Islam by showcasing the varied stories of Muslims living across the globe. Moreover, we want to show that—contrary to the propaganda of radical groups—there is not one uniform voice that can speak on behalf of Islam or experience that symbolises what being a Muslim means in 2015. 
This show open is one of my favourite projects to date. It was so well received that the producer sent the following message: “It is the best header I have seen in a western channel during my life. The colour. The font. The effects. All are just perfect. I like it from my end. Deeply It reflects the Islamic civilization.” -Alireza Hajihosseini, Producer
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