Tomorrow Transformed - Episode 1 Graphics 
Tomorrow Transformed examines how breakthroughs in science, technology and transit are changing the world and moving what once was science fiction into reality. The show has a unique personality with a playful, energetic look and feel which leans heavily on graphic storytelling. The pilot episode focused on the future of mobility and how driverless vehicles and drones may change how we travel and transport goods. Making advanced concepts more accessible to the viewer required a large volume of bespoke graphics and animations with an eye toward futuristic tones.
A small group of talented designers created an artistic look into the future with a 49-second graphic cold open and a vast collection of type-based kinetic animations, 3D walkthroughs, and futuristic visualizations that accounted for over 23 percent of the episode’s total run time. Team members each brought very different skillsets to the table, but, with fastidious organization and communication, produced an exciting, innovative, and cohesive graphics package to engage and invite the viewer into this vision of tomorrow.
Ben Frank, Preject Lead/Production Designer
John Leonard, Senior Production Designer
Kari Gonsalves, Senior Graphic Artist
Sean Cumiskey, Production Designer
Melanie Mickel, Senior 3D Animator
Brent Overbeck, Creative Director
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