2011 Design & Animation Show Reel. For breakdown and any other info, check out
Innovative Cities
This special segment explored technical innovations in cities across Asia.
Marketplace Middle East
This quick open for CNN International's bi-weekly show focused on the business and financial news of the Middle East was created as an expansion of the existing CNN Money brand.
Islam 2015
In early 2015, CNN began work on what was to be a rather ambitious, ongoin documentary news production. Unfortunately, due to the ever-evolving conflict in and around Syria and Iraq the project was shelved. This open is one of my favourite projects to date and was described by the producer as “the best header I have seen in a western channel during my life. The colour. The font. The effects. All are just perfect. I like it from my end. Deeply It reflects the Islamic civilization.”
Fall of the Wall
Created for CNN's special coverage of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this simple graphic open uses an array of glass-framed photographs scattered through a field of barbed wire to illustrate the history of the Berlin wall, from its initial building in 1961 to its fall in 1989.
Tomorrow Transformed
This is the graphic open for a monthly segment Hosted by CNN's Richard Quest which focused on technology and how it is being used currently around the world to change both the present and what the future may hold.
CMT Stacked
Open for a branded music video block called "Stacked." There are 850 video screens in this piece.
2009 CMT Music Awards
This is the award-winning 2009 CMT Music Awards show open, show bumpers, a promo along with promo elements, and boards for the 2009 CMT Music Awards.
Meet The In-Laws
Show open for reality-based TV show where an engaged couple each go to live with their future parents-in-law for one week. Hilarity ensues. I designed, directed, shot and animated this.
LXTV Live Chat
Promo for a live chat website where users can log on and chat with the hosts of a daily local talk show
My Big Redneck Weekend
Show Open for CMT's 'My Big Redneck Weekend' pilot.
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